RuangKerja LMS – Redesign
Spenmo – Invoice Experience

Skill Academy Bootcamp


Interaction designer, lead product designer


Project type:
  • Improvement landing pages
  • UI Bugs
Scope Of Work:
  • User interview
  • Ideation
  • High -fidility prototype
  • Interaction design
  • Branding excercise

1.5 Week fundamental research

2 Week Crafting design


  • Figma
  • Maze
  • Figjam (Ideation)
  • Google Sheet
  • Confluence
  • Jira


Project Summary 

Main Insight: Detailed information on SA Camp(Skill academy) classes pages is not enough to convince users to spend money

  • There are no training reviews yet
    • Information used to ensure whether or not the user's expectations of the training match or not; consider the benefits offered on each platformInformasi yang digunakan untuk memastikan sesuai atau tidaknya ekspektasi user terhadap pelatinnya; mempertimbangkan benefit yang di tawarkan pada tiap platform User perlu mencari informasi lebih lengkap melalui google, instagram official Skill Academy, dan juga Youtube
  • There is no clarity regarding the flow of the schedule
    • For consideration of class participation commitments, because you need to know what if the user cannot attend the class session schedule (whether or not you can reschedule/substitute class)
  • Clarity regarding learning methods
    • What would be the final project and expected outcome impacting their knowledge


Belum terlalu lengkap, saya pernah coba-coba beli, kira -kira tampilannyagimana. dan yang bikin penasaran jadwal kelas gimana, apakah bisa pilih sendiri atau ditentukan?. yang bikin saya tertarik sih ada final project untuk porto... nah apakah selama kelasnya berlangsung atau diluar kelas. Terus jadi bimbang kalo belum ada ulasan saya kurang berani, sukanya kalo uda ada yang cobain saya bisa tau testimonynya- User prakerja


How can we convince users to decide to buy a class after seeing the program information offered?


Completing and clarifying the information on the landing page and course details at SA Camp, what needs to be added is:

  • More complete FAQ

  • Rating review of each class

  • Instructor credibility

  • Information that is straight forward (not wordy)

  • Consistent use of language

Making the Free trial class a means for user acquisition, where users can try the excitement of learning at SA Camp by paying attention to the fun experience for the participants


Hi-Fi Wireframe

 We conducted benchmarking and information architecture exercises to curate the appropriate information tailored to the desired user segment. Given the high-end user economic expectations, aiming for courses cost ranging from 8 million to 6 million, the design's appearance must exude elegance and class. This ensures that users perceive the platform as premium and feel valued when engaging with it.

Final design


The final design landing page that you can access realtime at this link: 


Key takeaway


Communication: The project is quite unique, characterized by time and resource constraints. The team and I need to go back and forth to gather feedback, not only from users but also from the founder. This experience led me to have an epiphany – tactically persuading certain stakeholders to shape the design direction. While I suggest conducting a quick brand sprint for initial alignment in product communication.