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Mapan - Social Commerce (Conduct UT)


Interaction designer


Project type:
  • Improvement Pulsa/air time experience 
Scope Of Work:
  • User interview
  • User journey mapping
  • Ideation
  • High -fidility prototype
  • Interaction design

3 Weeks


  • Figma
  • Maze
  • Figjam (Ideation)
  • Google Sheet
  • Confluence
  • Jira



The project is to improve pulsa/ airtime purchase in Mapan App and how the integration with and witout gopay will impact the process selling or buying.  

Built stimulus

Hi-Fi Wireframe

The idea is to find the alternative best interaction design for Pulsa purchase experiences.

User Testing

Conducting UT

The goal of this researh is to validate and understand of the new concept design and check usability issue on the design. Bellow is how I condcuting researh using lookback app to gather the error rate data and recording colaboration with other stakeholder

Method: Remote Moderated usability testing

Participant: 5 user

Type user: Active user using pulsa & Non member user selling pulsa 

Tools: lookback


Research overview

Insight we found that:

  1. Most of the user feel less benificial to selling pulsa with Mapan since the markups is not that profitable
  2. (3/5 user) feel the gopay integration took to much step rather other similar apps
  3. The user clear recieve to validate the payments

Key takeaway

Key Takeaway and learning

Objectivation: On the UX KPI for this project was having user adoption and pulsa selling behaviour

Communication:The project serves as a test to assess the standard knowledge of the design process. While some projects involve extensive teams encompassing User Experience Research (UXR), User Experience Writing (UXW), and User Interface Design (UID), in this case, I predominantly managed the entire process, with a small portion handled by the UID. This experience has taught me that delivering value to the company requires not only skills but also effective collaboration. It has led me to realize the importance of continuous learning and the significance of clear communication in achieving excellent results.